About Us

Pronghorn Press is a small press located in northern Wyoming. Our publishing endeavors began in 1999 with the series of Hard Ground anthologies containing selections from the entries to the Hard Ground writing contests and which expanded to contest collections covering other regions of the country and even one featuring Travelers’ Tales.

Because we are small, we publish work that interests us in a wide range of subject matter. We are proud to offer books including Poetry in our Women & Words series, the West, Biography, story collections and anthologies, Gardening and Cooking, Memoir and several Fiction titles. Under our Higher Shelf imprint we have Personal Exploration titles as well as Political Commentary. We also have a Science Fiction/Fantasy imprint, Antelios, and a children’s books imprint called Prairie Winkle.

Our titles are available through your favorite bookseller or distributor. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.