Tribute to Andy Whitfield
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Tribute to Andy Whitfield

From His Friends & Fans

by Irena Kyd, Compiler

Andy Whitfield exploded from the TV screen as Spartacus in January 2010 in the STARZ  series Spartacus, Blood & Sand.  His talent and his portrayal of the famous gladiator won him a  following around the world.  When the second season was ready to begin filming, Andy was diagnosed with a recurrence of the cancer he had previously defeated. Friends and fans prayed for his recovery and assumed that, like the hero he portrayed, he would conquer the disease.  When he succumbed on September 11, 2011, those whose lives he’d touched so deeply were shocked.
Andy was able to connect with people in a very profound way, both with those who knew him personally and those who knew him only through the Spartacus series. His aura of personal integrity extended far beyond his performance and reached out to people on many different levels. This book is a collection of tributes from some of those who were deeply affected by his passing.