Still Lucky
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Still Lucky

Book Two in the Lucky Girl Trilogy

by C.J. Bailey

Finally! This eagerly awaited 2nd book in the Lucky Girl trilogy begins right where the first book left off: Richard Hunter is saying goodbye to the woman of his dreams, leaving CJ and her friend Stephanie to spend the next 3 months living in his house while he pursues his commitments in Europe. CJ knows she will miss him terribly, but it’s an opportunity to complete her own potentially lucrative project through Richard’s business connections, and she intends to make the most of it.
They’ve only been together two months and Richard fears their fledgling relationship might cool during their separation, but CJ has some very creative plans to keep the blazing fire of their love sizzling. She has no intention of letting the most remarkable man she’s ever known forget who’ll be waiting for him when he returns.
Like Lucky Girl, Still Lucky is a very different kind of erotic love story—a unique recounting of two exceptional people passionately committing themselves to each other on every level: with humor, honesty, devotion and the joyful sharing of bodies and souls.

Praise for Lucky Girl

Lucky Girl is tasteful erotica woven into a beautiful love story with amazing (and fun) music, art, food and decor. A very enjoyable read that isn’t weird or perverse. Lucky Girl makes you happy for CJ (if not a little envious) and wish you might walk in her shoes one day, not because she has overcome some tragedy to triumph, but because she is a smart girl who has found the kind of love
(and sex) every healthy woman dreams about. She has not been rescued, nor has she rescued. No demented family members or dysfunctional childhoods here. CJ and Richard are two mature, stable people who have found an extraordinary and profound connection in each other. It is refreshing. A modern day fairytale.