Now and Forevermore
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Now and Forevermore

The Story of Two Hearts Reunited to Write of Love that Continues Beyond the Grave

by Denice Fecketter

“My husband, Raymond, who died 23 years ago, has come back to me…” So begins the author’s chronicle of an unexpected encounter with the spirit of her beloved husband. Together they write their story, sharing the experience of love that continues beyond the grave. Now and Forevermore follows their year-long commitment to writing, learning, renewing acquaintance, healing grief and developing a new way of being that includes communicating with loved ones who have passed over. Now and Forevermore is comforting, thought provoking, loving and wise.

“I love the concept that our physical form is temporary and the implication that our spiritual form shines through our destiny. Raymian’s perspective is so hopeful in that our deepest and most memorable relationships will not end just because our earthly form inevitably must.” Linda Esposito

“Denice allows herself to be an open channel of communication with her deceased husband and takes us with her on a journey of two hearts connecting. The universal questions, answers and down-to-earth discussions Denice and Raymian engage in will captivate and inspire the reader to consider their own connection to spirit.” Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D. co-author of I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye (Champion Press, Ltd.)

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