My Cowboy Hat Still Fits
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My Cowboy Hat Still Fits

My Life as a Rodeo Star

by Abe Morris

If you’ve ever watched a bull rider desperately hang on to the back of a bull ’til the buzzer sounds or shaken your head in amazement as a cowboy picks himself off the ground after being tossed around like a rag doll, this book will tell you why they do it.

In his own words, Champion Bull Rider Abe Morris recounts the story of his rodeo career from the beginning as a boy in New Jersey at the Cowtown Rodeo through his time at the University of Wyoming and follows the triumphs and disappointments of competing around the country as one of the very few black rodeo cowboys. This is a story of good friends, tragic losses, prejudicial judges, career threatening injuries and the ever present recalcitrant bulls which never fail to make a lasting impression.

Abe’s story is an inside look at the sport of rodeo and the men who pursue it, written by a man who knows what it means to lose but who has also experienced the exhilaration of those championship wins.

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