Montana Spring
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Montana Spring

The Story of One Family's Struggle to Tame a Wild New Land

by Richard Magniet

Based on a true story, this award winning novel paints a colorful picture of frontier life across the broad canvas of the Big Sky Country of Montana.

This is the story of Clay Brewer beginning when he is just 11 years old and his family embarks on their “Great Adventure,” heading west from Virginia to carve out a new life in the West. By the age of 17 Clay is a U.S. Marshal and at 19 marries a young Blackfeet woman from the ill-fated band led by Chief Heavy Runner.

Montana Spring is the story of hardship and triumph, of joy and loss, of treacherous neighbors, outlaws and renegades and the ongoing conflict between the Indians and the Army. Here an unforgettable cast of characters comes to life against the rich backdrop of Montana’s history as the pristine paradise gives way to the exploitation of her riches by trappers and traders, buffalo hunters and emigrants, miners and stockmen.

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ISBN 978-1-932636-01-7