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A Father's Fight for His Son

by Abe Morris

In 1996 retired champion bull rider Abe Morris was settled in his community, career and ready to meet someone with whom he could share his life. That’s what he prayed for. And then he met Lorena. He was immediately smitten and their long distance courtship soon led to marriage, a move and a son. But this match was not made in Heaven and as his marriage crumbled, Abe found himself at the mercy of a court system that seemed unwilling or unable to give a father a fair hearing.

This is the ongoing story of more than ten years of his struggle against a system and its advocates who seem far more interested in processing than facts. Decisions based on false information, court orders defied and unenforced, and consequences that only seem to flow in one direction as attorneys don’t follow through— all this and more plague Morris’s legal struggles.

While some of his story may seem too bizarre to be true, he and his son have lived and continue to live it. And he shares it here in a effort to shed some light on the perspective of the other side in these cases, and to beg both advocates and courts to slow down and take a closer look at what is brought before them. Abe hopes his story will encourage other struggling fathers not to give up.

Abe Morris is a highly acclaimed motivational speaker whose first book, My Cowboy Hat Still Fits, documents his rodeo career and has garnered him fans across the country.

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