Jukeboxes & Jackalopes
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Jukeboxes & Jackalopes

A Wyoming Bar Journey

by Julianne Couch

Jukeboxes & Jackalopes is an apt description of this collection of essays in which the author shares her impressions of some of the unique bars scattered throughout small towns in Wyoming—some so small that the bar may be the only business at a location named and noted on the map, but perhaps only claiming two residents. Regardless of size or remoteness of location, these watering holes often serve as community centers and living rooms away from home for those folks who populate the neighboring ranches and energy industry camps and offer a delightful experience for travelers who dare to leave the Interstate in search of a unique experience.

Combine equal parts of anthropology, memoir and travelogue and you’ll have a refreshing draught of Jukeboxes & Jackalopes. Julianne Couch takes readers into friendly resorts where dead animal heads and Miss Makita calendars prevail. Cookie-cutter chains and fern bars have no place in rural Wyoming—and this book celebrates their absence and delights readers who like to loaf off the beaten path and shows why Wyoming is still like no place on earth.—Kevin Holdsworth, author of Big Wonderful

Every thirsty trip across Wyoming’s expanses should be accompanied by this lovingly detailed account of the tiny communities, smaller bars and hugely fascinating denizens to be found on the less-traveled paths. Julianne Couch takes you by the hand and introduces you like a neighbor to each community watering hole.Whether an armchair traveler or and adventurous tourist seeking something besides the tourbus destinations, readers will discover a vanishing world far outside mainstream experience.—Jeffe Kennedy, author of anWyoming Trucks, True Love and the Weather Channel