Hard and Noble Lives
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Hard and Noble Lives

A Living Tradition of Cowboys and Ranchers in Wyoming's Hoback Basin

by Paul Jensen

This is the story of the settlement of western Wyoming’s Hoback Basin, told through fascinating tales and unusual characters: ordinary people who did extraordinary things, and who, with courage and determination, shaped history.

“Hard and Noble Lives is a very impressive combination of regional history, personal memoir, and up-to-the-moment sociology. After a career in the upper levels of American politics, Paul Jensen reinvented himself as a professional cowboy, and he has earned the right to tell the story of his part of the West. This book is a valuable addition to the chronicles of America’s expansion into the frontier, and the dreams and dramas that made it possible.” —James Fallows, National Correspondent for Atlantic Monthly, nationally-acclaimed author

“Local history at its best— the stories of ordinary people who gave life and color to a small part of the American West. But stories, too, that find counterparts in other areas of the West. A solid, readable history of both local and regional significance.”—Robert M. Utley, award-winning author, historian of the American West, and former Chief Historian of the National Park Service

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