Biography of a Bird Dog
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Biography of a Bird Dog

A Labrador Retriever in Wyoming

by Garry Wallace

As you might expect, Biography of a Bird Dog is the story of a man and his dog. But it is more than that, it’s a memoir of not only a puppy’s first year of life, but of a middle-aged man’s appraisal of his own life and career in a small town in Wyoming.

As Ebenezer, his bird dog, is nearing the end of his hunting career, the author decides to add a new puppy to the family, with the intention of using all he has learned to train her to achieve the full potential of her breed, a process that turns out to be filled with both joy and frustration. When tragedy strikes, he must re-evaluate his own plans along with his dog’s future.

Garry Wallace breaks a lot of rules with his writing, but by doing so, actually turns a dog’s biography into a warm and gripping story. He anthropomorphizes in Biography of a Bird Dog to be sure, with a style that is clearly whimsical. But underneath the Biography, is also a story of life in the Northern Rockies, for man and beast alike. The story is written in the literary tradition of a Wallace Stegner book.—Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., Director of The Science and Conservation Center and author of Into The Wind.

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