Art of the Books
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  • 128 Pages | Trade Paper

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Art of the Books

A Complete Guide To A Fundraising Opportunity For libraries & Other Organizations Large & Small

by Annette Chaudet

Art of the Books is a project conceived as a fundraiser for Libraries and other organizations across the country and which is predicated on the many events featuring large, artist embellished fiberglass animals that have been displayed throughout the country such as Cows on Parade in Chicago, Where the Buffalo Roam in Casper, Wyoming, and Trail of the Painted Ponies in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Scaled down to a more manageable size that will work for smaller organizations as well as large ones, Art of the Books may be the answer to your group’s fundraising needs.

This is the handbook, a complete outline for taking your own project from conception to completion. It offers variations and scenarios for organizations both large and small and all the details including a project timeline, types of committees and what they do, how to find your Artists and Sponsors, sample budgets, contract considerations—everything your will need to create a customized project that will provide your organization and your community with an exciting event and also raise the revenue you need.