Angels in Vietnam
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Angels in Vietnam

by John Wesley Fisher

It is 1967 and Charlie Armfield is just a few weeks away from the world championship surfing competition when his life is turned upside down and he finds himself, instead, preparing for battle on the front lines in Vietnam. In his struggle to survive, Charlie turns to techniques that made him a champion at home. As his experiences damage his heart and his spirit, he tries to understand the war and his part in it.

Charlie’s homecoming does little to ease the conflict in his soul so he undertakes a journey to redemption and awareness that leads him from one coast to the other and then to the opposite end of the world where he is finally able to come to terms with his past and begin to understand what his future can be.

This new edition of John Wesley Fisher’s debut novel presents readers with compelling characters and a thought provoking story even as it offers a path for healing and comfort to veterans of conflicts beyond Vietnam. The deep understanding of a soldier’s experience is as valid for today’s warriors as it is for Charlie Armfield.

John Wesley Fisher is one of those rare, courageous and devoted individuals who has the love, will, intelligence and capacity to complete the most difficult and demanding journeys. His journey took him from being a minister’s son cavorting on beautiful beaches to the deepest regions of the hell on earth we call war. Angels in Vietnam documents both the blessed and challenging events on this long journey. It helps us all to honestly grasp the terrible realities of war. And it helps readers discover the guiding forces at work in the universe that support us all, and how we may transform the most horrific experiences into life lessons that bring maturity, wisdom, compassion and healing. Accompany John Wesley Fisher on his journey. It will transform you.—Edward Tick, Ph.D., Author of War and the Soul, Director, Soldier’s Heart.

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