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A Psychological Thriller

by Jann Arrington-Wolcott

Santa Fe artist Callahan O’Connor feels her life is finally under control. She’s divorced her abusive husband, her adult son is confidently navigating his own career, a wise shaman guides her spiritual journey, and a faithful Great Dane provides protection and companionship. Her paintings of 18th-century Lakota Indians are in demand around the country, though people would never imagine that she’s creating her compositions from images that haunt her dreams. And lately those dreams have become more intense, more distressing, even bleeding into her waking life.
Traveling to San Francisco to attend a showing of her latest work, Callahan meets Luke, a mysterious, sexy, and much-younger man who makes her question her own identity and the hidden meaning of her art. In spite of her confusion, Callahan is passionately drawn to Luke. But he has a dangerous secret, and what she doesn’t know could kill her….

Jann Arrington-Wolcott is the author of the stunning debut novel Brujo that became the TV movie Seduced by Evil. In this, her second book, she has again crafted a compelling thriller that immerses the reader in Callahan’s life and mind as the artist struggles to separate reality from her dreams.

Deathmark sizzles with sexual tension, supernatural intrigue, and the glittering world of professional art. Jann Arrington-Wolcott’s new thriller takes the reader on a wild ride filled with deception, murder, jealousy, shamanism and fact-based Native American history from the time of the buffalo. I couldn’t put it down!—Anne Hillerman, author of Spider Woman’s Daughter

Keep-you-up-all-night suspenseful, this cross-genre novel set in Santa Fe and San Francisco is as seductive as they come, and as dangerous. Unpredictable and compulsively readable!—Wolf Schneider,   ABQ A&E