Wranglin' Notes
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Wranglin' Notes

A Chronicle of Eatons’ Ranch 1879-2010

by Tom Ringley

“There is an allure to Eatons’ Ranch that can’t be explained.”  So begins the Foreword by the Ranch’s current general manager Jeff Way, and what he says has proved true for multiple generations of Eaton family members, guests and employees. One can’t help but wonder if Howard Eaton, at the age of just seventeen and as the first of the brothers to go west in 1868, had any inkling of the enduring legacy they would eventually build and how many people down through the years would share a part of their dreams.

At Eatons’, one of the oldest dude ranches in the West, you can still mount a horse and freely roam the Ranch’s 7,200 acres at the foot of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains. The pleasures you experience will be little changed from the Ranch’s earliest days as you follow the same trails traveled by generations of Eatons’ guests.

Author Tom Ringley has followed the historic trail of Eatons’, itself, and of the many people who have played such a large part in its fascinating history. Filled with stories, photos and archival tidbits from the Ranch’s own Wranglin’ Notes newsletter, Tom’s chronicle tells the complete story of this unique enterprise over the last 131 years and helps us understand the truth of Jeff’s words: “Remember, once you are a guest here, you are always a part of Eatons’ Ranch.”


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