The War After the War
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The War After the War

A Warrior's Journey Home

by John Wesley Fisher

“The horrendous road to war can become our path far too easily and even against our will. In contrast, the road home after the war is long, difficult, confusing, and tragically unmapped. John Fisher has traveled both, journeying through war’s furnace and back with his eyes, heart, mind and spirit wide open. He has examined all that lies in his own conscience and soul.  He has peeked into corners of self, of healing and society itself that few examine.  He has restlessly searched to understand war’s wounding and contribute to the healing of the injuries inflicted on the soul of a soldier. For all these reasons and more, John Fisher’s witness should be heard and heeded. With courage, devotion and love, John has transformed himself from veteran into spiritual warrior. In this book, The War After the War, he maps his journey so that others can also find their way home and back to self.”
—Edward Tick, PhD, author of War and the Soul, The Practice of Dream Healing, and The Golden Tortoise and Co-director of Soldier’s Heart

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