Two Dot Ranch
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Two Dot Ranch

A Biography of Place

by Nancy Heyl Ruskowsky

Winner of the 2009
Wyoming State Historical Society Award

This is the history of the Two Dot, at one time recognized by many as the largest ranch in the world. So begins the story of a unique part of the vast landscape of the state of Wyoming, a privately held piece of paradise that has changed hands and purpose over the years through the efforts of the settlers, homesteaders, managers, employees, and owners who have called it home since the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Before that the native peoples, among them the Bannocks, Crow and Blackfeet from the north and the Shoshone and Arapaho from the south, were sustained for centuries by the land that would one day be known as the Two Dot Ranch.

There is no doubt that the Two Dot has also left its mark on those whose contact has been brief from John Coulter after he and Corps of Discovery had succeeded in reaching the shores of the Pacific, to Chief Joseph, whose attempt to lead his people to safety in Canada took him through what would become Two Dot lands, and to the many cooks, cowboys, hunters, travelers and guests who have experienced Two Dot’s grandeur. Today travelers can follow the Chief Joseph Highway across a beautiful section of the ranch on their way to Sunlight Basin and on to Yellowstone National Park, sampling just a small taste of what the Two Dot Ranch must be like.

Includes more than 130 historic photographs


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