The State of Equality in the Equality State
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The State of Equality in the Equality State

Saving the Best of the West in Wyoming

by Paul Jensen

The State of Equality in the Equality State deftly shows the state’s motto has never met the tests of history, data, and current events. Clearing away the myth that women and minorities have been treated equally, the book reveals the real Wyoming: an open landscape of great beauty and vast natural resources, populated with communities that have staying power, strong individuals, and the potential for innovation.

Paul Jensen sees Wyoming at the crossroads of a new age filled with promising opportunities. Jensen understands the past and shines a light on the darker pockets of a history that continues to affect life today. Only by breaking down its insularity, Jensen argues, can Wyoming join a larger world and benefit from it. By leaving timeworn conventions behind, Jensen shows the tantalizing potential for Wyoming in the twenty-first century.

The State of Equality in the Equality State is a refreshingly honest look at Wyoming history and the state’s life today. Paul Jensen reminds us that some our longest held beliefs can be misleading and cloud what is best about Wyoming. As a Wyoming rancher I am also proud to be a big part of Wyoming’s new economy so insightfully developed by Paul.—Norm Pape, third generation Daniel, Wyoming rancher, 2009 winner of Wyoming’s Leopold Conservation Award and one of seven ranches selected nationwide for best conservation practices. One of the seven will be selected as the nation’s best managed and most productive ranch.

State of Equality is interesting and well-written from beginning to end. A clear-eyed understanding of the past, like the one this book provides, is the best foundation for a prosperous and successful future.—James Fallows, National Correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly and nationally-acclaimed author.

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