Rodeo Time in Sheridan Wyo
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Rodeo Time in Sheridan Wyo

A History of the Sheridan-Wyo-Rodeo

by Tom Ringley

Rodeo is a cornerstone of the Western experience and this book is an invaluable chronicle of one of the veterans of that tradition. The Sheridan-Wyo-Rodeo’s span of the better part of the 20th century and continuation into the 21st is documented here by author and Rodeo Board member Tom Ringley, with complete details of its conception, birth and its growth into a nationally respected professional event. This is the rich history of the organizers, the participants and spectators and the community which supports this treasure of the West. With its accompanying appendices of the Champions, Queens, Rodeo Boards and Stock Transactions this book offers the true story of the trials and tribulations, the triumphs and successes of a formidable undertaking which began in 1931 and continues today.

“The Sheridan-Wyo Rodeo is one of the last truly traditional rodeos. Sheridan, Wyoming is steeped in history and the SWR showcases this exciting and colorful past with the best of Cowboys and Indians. The top contestants of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association always make the SWR a part of their schedule. You can count on seeing some of the highest scores and best times of each year. It is commendable that Tom Ringley took the time to preserve this wonderful story of rodeo in such an engaging way.”

– Ike & Roberta Sankey, Sankey Pro Rodeo

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