Rocky Mountain Wildflowers
  • ISBN No. 978-1-932636-59-8 | $14.95
  • 52 Pages | Softcover

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Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

A Guide for Kids

by Mary L. Dubler

For years you’ve been told to “stop and smell the flowers” and now you will be able to name them! This guide to the beautiful wildflowers of the Rocky Mountain region is perfect for children of all ages as well as for adults who may just be curious about what they’re seeing and looking for a simple answer. Author and photographer Mary L. Dubler offers beautiful images of 70 varieties of wildflowers along with their common names, arranged by color for quick reference that even the youngest children can use. She has also included a page at the end of each color section for notes so you can keep track of when and where you saw them—a chance to preserve fond memories of these beautiful wildflowers which are there for everyone to enjoy when they take the time stop and look.

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