Not Welcome Home
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Not Welcome Home

by John Wesley Fisher

On the eve of the invasion of Iraq, Vietnam vet Benjamin Franklin West finds himself trapped at Denver International Airport by what will be called the Blizzard of ’03. He’s on his way to meet up with his Vietnamese friend Ahn, who as a child had moved to the U.S. with his family at the end of the war.  Both men feel a need to revisit Vietnam, but their reasons are a world apart: Ben hopes to pay a debt to a fallen comrade and confront the ghosts of the past, while Ahn wants to discover his roots and help Ben on his quest.

So begins an odyssey that will lead Ben and Ahn on an unimagined journey, pursued by men with their own perspective on the war and the soldiers who fought it as they all find themselves in a deadly race to different objectives, but with hopes of putting their personal demons to rest.

The author has crafted Not Welcome Home from his own experiences as a Vietnam vet and the understanding he has come to after so many years of unanswered questions and terrifying memories.  Like his first novel, Angels in Vietnam, John Wesley Fisher hopes that the stories of the soldiers whose lives he commits to the age will bring peace to those who still grapple with the conundrum of war.

“A thoughtful and provocative novel-John Wesley Fisher captures the sights, sounds and feelings of Vietnam, the country, and points the way home for those still trying to cope with Vietnam the war. The mud, heat, fear, frustration, sorrow, anger, detachment and anguish surrounding a young “grunt” draftee and his comrades will grab your heart and wring out your emotions. Not Welcome Home is a must read for all veterans, families and friends who continue to struggle with this enduring tragedy as the author makes a convincing case for the fact that ‘there is no way to peace, peace is the way.’” — Bob Resling, Lt. Col., (Ret) U.S.A.F. Pilot, Vietnam-Laos-Cambodia 1969-1972