High Country Tomato Handbook
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  • 192 Pages | Trade Paper

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High Country Tomato Handbook

Including How To Grow Ripe Tomatoes by the Fourth of July!

by Cheryl Anderson Wright

Tomatoes! Everybody loves them! And everybody bemoans the fact that most of what you find in the grocery store has no resemblance whatsoever to those sacred memories of how tomatoes used to taste.

Cheryl Anderson Wright to the rescue! The High Country Tomato Handbook tells you everything you need to know about how to recapture that memory by growing your own. And even those with difficult gardening situations will find the secrets here for having your own ripe homegrown tomatoes by the Fourth of July.

Wright offers everything you need to know about tomatoes from history to varieties, soils, insects and diseases, starting your own plants or buying them, harvesting and saving your seed and it is all followed by a collection of delicious tomato recipes to help you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Like her classic  High Country Herbs, the High Country Tomato Handbook belongs on the shelf of every tomato lover, gardener and cook.

“As the population of the western states inches outward from the cities and upward in elevation, there is no reason to abandon ‘flatland’ gardening choices, namely tomatoes, especially with the support this book provides.”

-Ole Abeam, Bloomsbury Review, March/April 2005