Fortune in H.E.L.L.
  • ISBN No. 978-1-932636-26-0 | $19.95
  • 340 Pages | Trade Paper

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Fortune in H.E.L.L.

by H. Jean Bushnell

Successful mystery writers, Matt and Abbie Tartingale, created a popular series of books about a clever secretary named Fortune Cassidy, who solved crimes with the help of her boss, the aging patriarch of a prestigious law firm. But when Matt dies of cancer, Abbie’s perfect world is destroyed.

Short on funds and grieving, Abbie moves in with her sister and soon accepts a temporary job with a well-respected Denver law firm with the unfortunate acronym of HEL&L. And then a beautiful young associate is murdered and life begins to imitate art as Abbie finds that investigating a death in the real world is much more dangerous than writing about it.

This compelling debut novel introduces an engaging heroine who is bound to become one of the genre’s favorite sleuths.

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