Endings & Beginnings
  • ISBN No. 978-1-932636-06-2 | $17.95
  • 304 Pages | Trade Paper

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Endings & Beginnings

A Collection of Unconventional Tales

by Annette Chaudet

Here the author presents a baker’s dozen intriguing stories along with a promise to transport the reader to other places, other times. Here are excerpts from from Mary Magdalene’s memoir of her childhood, the story of an uncompromising man with no friends in the world, central American native ritual, star crossed lovers in eighteenth century France, an aspiring magician, a letter from Sarah to Hagar after she and Isaac have been banished to Paran, ancient ceremony from the British Isles, a grieving Native American mother who has lost her child, a look at future religious belief and a leap even farther ahead in time to other worlds. They are all here to savor and enjoy, stories that will consume your attention and capture your imagination in the way that so few stories do—they will leave you wanting more.

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