The Coffin Blind
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The Coffin Blind

by Mark Robbins

Overheard at a sportsman’s show:

“What is a coffin blind?”
“Something that hunters hide in when they hunt. The blinds are very deadly.”
“For the ducks or the hunters?”
“Sometimes for both.”

Brant Sherman’s sharp-shooting skills and predatory instincts have made him one of Boston’s most-respected U.S. federal marshals. Following a high-profile prisoner debacle, Brant is assigned to join a task force in Concord, Massachusetts where a secretive group of animal rights terrorists who call themselves the Legion of St. Francis has begun to carry out harrowing acts of retribution. But as he initiates his investigation, the attacks escalate, and the relationship between predator and prey begins to change as Brant starts to question his own role in the chain of terrible events.

The Coffin Blind a page-turner filled with engaging characters including two very different women, an aging cold case profiler, and a huge Chesapeake Bay retriever who work their way through a tightly plotted, memorable thrill ride for any reader daring to take it.

Mark Robbins’ debut starts out with a bang and never lets up. With a terrific New England setting and an insider’s perspective, The Coffin Blind combines non-stop outdoor action, horrific violence, smartass humor, some surprisingly touching moments, and an engaging protagonist named Brant Sherman in a pedal-to-the-metal and joyfully non-PC crime novel. I think we’ll be seeing more of Mark Robbins and Brant Sherman. At least I hope so.—C.J. Box, New York Times bestselling author of Blue Heaven and Blood Trail

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